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Action, Animation and Comedy | Running Time: 45 minutes

2022 / English

Country: Argentina

Directed by: German Heller

MENA Premiere



German Heller

German Heller, Federico Heller

A Mixed Reality experience about a terrified little egg struggling to stay alive in a world full of enemies. Users engage in the irreverent universe of Eggscape by controlling their egg in a boxing ring playground, karate alley, and Vegas-like world of excess. Through the VR headset, you’ll be able to see through into the real world and interact with your surroundings and with other players in a never-before-seen way. Step into the revolutionary world of Eggscape and strategise on how to win against the enemies and your fellow opponents while trying to find a way to avoid the countless dangers presented to our scared and klutzy eggs. Easier said than done; the first user to escape wins. Players can build upon the game’s structures by interacting with their surroundings with the Oculus controllers. Creating paths connecting to different scenes and unique adventures that can be played alone or shared with their friends, possibly hiding a trick or two for them.