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Biography and Drama | Running Time: 100 minutes

2023 / English

Country: United Kingdom, Hungary and Belgium

Directed by: James Marsh

MENA Premiere


Coarse Language and Adult Themes



Wed 06 Dec | 10:10 PM - 11:55 PM
VOX Cinema 3 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Sat 09 Dec | 7:45 PM - 9:25 PM
VOX Cinema 6 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR

Michael Livingstone, Viktoria Petranyi, Tom Thostrup

Aidan Gillen, Gabriel Byrne, Maxine Peake, Bronagh Gallagher

Neil Forsyth

The Nobel Prize-winning novelist and playwright Samuel Beckett shunned publicity, living in France from his student years until his death in 1989. In a riveting performance, Irish actor Gabriel Byrne portrays two versions of the writer embodying different aspects of his personality: one racked with guilty memories and self-recrimination, the other a happier spirit who believes love and pleasure are our salvation in a grim world. These inner dialogues punctuate a series of chapters covering the writer’s life, from childhood through his move to France, where he gets a job as assistant to his mentor, James Joyce, before he joins the French Resistance in acclaimed director James Marsh's inspiring movie.