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Science Fiction | Running Time: 90 minutes

2023 / French, Arabic and Berber

Country: France, Morocco and Qatar

Directed by: Sofia Alaoui


Requires Parental Guidance



Fri 01 Dec | 6:40 PM - 8:15 PM
VOX Cinema 2 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR
Sat 02 Dec | 4:25 PM - 6:00 PM
VOX Cinema 4 Red Sea Mall
Price: 40 SAR

Margaux Lorier, Toufik Ayadi, Christophe Barral

Oumaïma Barid, Mehdi Dehbi, Fouad Oughaou

Sofia Alaoui

Happily and heavily pregnant Itto (the excellent Oumaïma Barid) is looking forward to a relaxing day as her husband Amine and forbiddingly wealthy in-laws leave for a business meeting. Then come the warning phenomena: phones go down, a mysterious fog descends and both animals and people start behaving strangely. As Morocco is thrown into a state of national emergency, Itto tries to reach Amine but is stranded midway in an eerily silent village, where the remaining inhabitants speak as if in a daze. It is a journey into an ethereal unknown that will call into question everything Itto believes the world and her own privileged way of life.