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Romance and Comedy | Running Time: 89 minutes

2022 / Arabic

Country: Lebanon

Directed by: Lara Saba

World Premiere



Lara Saba

Chadi Haddad, Julia Kassar, Betty Taoutel, Myrna Moukarzel, Cynthia Karam, Ruba Zaarour

Josephine Habchi

Award-winning Lebanese director Lara Saba turns her attention from frantic daily life in Beirut – the subject of her best-known film, Blind Intersections – to a romantic comedy in the unlikely setting of a convent in the serene Cedars and Qannoubin valley. Hadi (Chadi Haddad), a famous young actor, sees an opportunity to break free from the mediocre television series that made his name when he's asked to audition for a film role as the young Pope. He heads for the country, planning a kind of retreat to prepare himself, where he narrowly avoids hitting a careless cyclist called Celine. Almost immediately afterwards, he meets a clutch of local nuns. When he finds himself staying as the nuns' guest at the convent where Celine also lives, a beautiful adventure begins that will bring Hadi to a new understanding of what really matters to him: nature, human connections, love and generosity.