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Dark Comedy and Thriller | Running Time: 118 minutes

2022 / Arabic

Country: Saudi Arabia

Directed by: Fahad Alammari

World Premiere




Mohammed Algarawi, Mujahed Aljumaiaah

Sohayb Godus, Ismail Al Hassan

Mohammed Algarawi, Fahad Alammari, Meshary Alshalaly

From the creators of the digital series Al Khallat, which amassed over 1.5 billion views and defined a new generation during its 22-episode run, comes an anthology of stories of social deception and trickery set in four unlikely places. In one story, two thieves crash a wedding to save their co-conspirator. In the next, a chef working at a fine-dining restaurant puts the business on the line to save her parents' failing marriage. The next story is set in a morgue, where the friend of a recently deceased man returns to bury something secret given to him by the dead man's wife. The last tale follows a mother searching for her husband while he, in turn, searches for their son in a nightclub. There's always a way out of any situation – and whoever has a trick up his sleeve will use it for their own benefit.