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(عفريت مراتي)


Comedy and Drama | Running Time: 100 minutes

1968 / Arabic

Country: Egypt

Directed by: Fatin Abdel Wahab

Arab Premiere


Requires Parental Guidance



Sat 02 Dec | 9:40 PM - 11:25 PM
VOX Cinema 1 Red Sea Mall
Price: 5 SAR

Ehab El-Lithy Film

Shadia , Salah Zulfiqar, Imad Hamdi, Adel Imam

Ali Al-Zorqani

Iconic Egyptian singer and actress Shadia made over a hundred films, and unforgettable comedies with influential actor Salah Zulfikar. In this recently restored classic with the support of the Red Sea Film Festival, Shadia’s Aida feels neglected by her husband Saleh, a hard-working banker, so turns to the movies for comfort. Increasingly, she comes home from the cinema believing that she is one of the characters she has just seen, a kind of madness that doctors tell Saleh he must indulge by playing roles along with her. The situations that result are as laugh-out-loud funny as they were in 1968, while the movie’s two songs, Fares Ahlamy and Irma La Douce – sung superbly by Shadia - remain hits to this day.