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Drama | Running Time: 85 minutes

2022 / French

Country: France

Directed by: Yaël Langmann, Jérémy Mainguy

MENA Premiere


Adult References, Violence, Nudity and Sexual References



Angèle Metzger, Régis N Kissi, Léna Garrel, Andréa Furet, Marin Judas, Paola Locatelli, Grégoire Colin, Daphné Burki, Saül Benchetrit, Lysandre Nury

Yaël Langmann

Sasha (Angele Metzger) is 17 and has recently moved cities with her family starting at a new high school along with her little sister Pauline (Saul Benchetrit). "Don't forget, no one must know," says Pauline as they walk through the school gates. Gradually, what they mustn't know becomes clear: Sasha was born intersex, described as a boy by doctors and subjected to operations to make that accurate, but is now hoping for a fresh start as a girl. It is uncertain ground for everyone, including her engaged, argumentative family – Sasha's mother earnestly consults a transgender friend on how to speak about it – and Sasha herself, who has to negotiate everything from which toilet to use to managing her storehouse of accumulated anger. Winner of the French section at Series Mania, About Sasha gets to grip with an identity so little understood that it's discussed as if it were a disease.