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Drama | Running Time: 78 minutes

2022 / Norwegian

Country: Norway

Directed by: Anders Emblem

MENA Premiere


Death and Adult Themes


Anders Emblem, Stian Skjelstad

Amalie Ibsen Jensen, Maria Agwumaro, Lars Halvor Andreassen

Anders Emblem

Set in the picturesque Norwegian town of Alesund, on a fjord surrounded by mountains, Anders Emblem’s sophomore feature centres on two young women living in quiet togetherness. Live (Maria Agwamaru) fixes vintage chairs, while Asta (Amalie Ibsen Jensen) is a reporter at the local newspaper, covering everything from football to political demonstrations. She is also afflicted with a sadness that is only gradually explained; Live waits loyally for her to smile again, never pushing or demanding. Then a story emerges - of an asylum-seeker being sent home after working ten years at the local fish factory – that re-awakens Asta’s sense of purpose. She knocks on officials’ doors; she insists on answers; she won’t hear no. This work will gradually redeem her, swivelling her focus outwards – slowly and subtly rather than by leaps of plot, which is the way Emblem works. His scope is narrow, but he goes in deep.