The Red Sea Film Festival Foundation is the first Saudi, independent, nonprofit organization with an official mandate to promote film culture. The Foundation champions the Kingdom’s burgeoning cinema and cultural scene by nurturing audience engagement, supporting filmmakers and strengthening the film industry.

Dedicated to national storytellers, distinctive local narratives and developing a sustainable and active ecosystem, the Foundation has three core initiatives: the Red Sea International Film Festival; year-long grants, mentoring, and education programs with the Red Sea Lodge; as well as industry programs under the Industry Initiatives. The Foundation captures the transformative energy of the moment, articulating this creative spark as a catalyst for the local film industry.

The Foundation was established in 2018 by the Kingdom’s first Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Farhan Al Saud, under the leadership of director and producer Mahmoud Sabbagh, a pioneer of independent film in Saudi Arabia. The Festival team comprises leading Saudi and international programmers, curators, directors, and thinkers. Their vision is to support new methods of festival curation and execution.

The Festival is born of a context at the crossroad of cultures and aims to reflect the world we share today. Dedicated to inclusivity, the Foundation is the carrier of this vibrant cultural legacy – through its key initiatives, it forges dialogues between the past and the future, and between diverse international perspectives.