The Red Sea International Film Festival lives in Jeddah Old Town, an ancient urban hub on the Saudi Arabian coast. Future-leaning and artist-led, the Festival takes place annually in March. The setting embraces history and cultural exchange, establishing a new destination for Arab and international cinema amid a labyrinth of medieval coral-built architecture. Long a vibrant port city, Jeddah is a trading hub of ideas and cultures. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town is a coastal enclave that teems with myths, delicate buildings, and deep histories – it is a culture rooted in Saudi, yet expansively open to the world.

With public cinemas reemerging after a 30-year hiatus, the Red Sea International Film Festival once again animates Jeddah as a home for creativity through the shared experience of film. Responsive to their audiences, programs are grounded in robust international and Arab film curation, world-class immersive experiences, and an unprecedented retrospective series that will bring the Old Town to life. Discover daring new voices from Saudi and the Arab world, alongside pioneering international auteurs, engage with industry and market initiatives, encounter live music, step into breathtaking cinematic installations, sample eclectic world cuisine, and be inspired.

The Festival aims to preserve and promote its own place in Saudi's cultural narrative by archiving each event and initiative for permanent online access. Content will be uploaded as activity takes place – check back for memorable moments and in-depth insights from the Festival, including film posters, photos, and artist videos.