48 Hr Film Challenge

About the 48Hr Challenge

What a difference a day (or two) makes! Could you write, produce and shoot a short film in just 48 hours?

2020 has been a bust. Stuck at home, with routines and habits we’d rather forget. And time has stood still. Challenging aspiring filmmakers to a creative experiment, Alliance Française, the Consulate general of France in Jeddah, The embassy of France in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea International Film Festival, and La Fémis the film and television school want to change all that with two fast-paced and imaginative days.


The adventure is open to the Kingdom's aspiring filmmakers – Saudis and Saudi residents alike – aged 18–25. Apply for the 48Hr Film Challenge, where successful applicants will enjoy three days of technical workshops and mentorship before the action-packed shoot in a race against the clock. And that's not all – the winning team leaders will be crowned for their achievements with a prize of filmmaking residency at La Fémis, in France, next year.


Get your team (max. 5) together and let us know why you want to participate in this filmmaking adventure – applications are open now. Check out the submission guidelines for your chance to be part of a wild 48 hours, turning two days into a brand new, original short film!


01 Phosphene

  • Team Leader: Safiah Husain Talib
  • Nadeem Siddiq
  • Qusai Alqahtani
  • Jood Simbawah
  • Monaifah Alhajery

02 Ventca

  • Team Leader: Abdulrahman Abu Habayeh
  • Nader Wahbah

03 Into the sun

  • Team Leader: Abir Almadani
  • Rahaf Aleiadhi
  • Amas Alshammari

04 Azor Ahai

  • Team Leader: Khalid Fallatah
  • Ammar Hafiz

05 Nostalgiers

  • Team Leader: Anmar Rdoeiny
  • Tala Al-Asadi
  • Refal Mushref
  • Rana Mattar
  • Khawlah Alhalwani

06 What's the menu?

  • Team Leader: Rahaf Shami
  • Sara Saber
  • Bayan Majed
  • Khadija Alhebshi

07 TSC

  • Team Leader: Sara Bukhari
  • Shahad Alqahtani

08 The Falcons

  • Team Leader: Abdullah Alamoudi
  • Taha Baageel
  • Yasser Alzahrani
  • Roula Dakheelallah

09 Art Angels

  • Team Leader: Abdulaziz Al-Gethami
  • Amal Alshehri
  • Lina Algethami
  • Maha Algethami

10 Alzayer Brothers

  • Team Leader: Amer Al Zayer
  • Ziyad Alzayer

11 Pink Camels

  • Team Leader: Talal Saud
  • Younis Mohamed

12 Hustlers

  • Team Leader: Shouq Bakri
  • Mohammed Atabani
  • Aseel Morya

13 The Normal Picture

  • Team Leader: Mazin Shallal
  • Abdulrahman Alhamdan
  • Sultan Alsaud
  • Seif Ali Ridha

14 Watch me roll

  • Team Leader: Abeer Sultan
  • Abdullah Aljobelah
  • Arwa Alsari
  • Reema Ibrahim

15 Emerson Graduates

  • Team Leader: Farah Alturki
  • Sarah Alansary


1 Edible by Art Angels

2 Dream of Dust by Watch me Roll